Rates & Packages

Pool Packages

Bronze Package

Pool Opening and Closing

$955 + HST

Silver Package

Pool Opening and Closing, plus 8 bi-weekly cleanings

$1755 + HST

Gold Package

Pool Opening and Closing, plus 16 weekly cleanings

$2155 + HST

Platinum Package

Pool Opening and Closing, plus 20 weekly cleanings. Best Value for pools needing extra cleanings.

$2555 + HST


Here are standard prices we base our rates on. Please notice that some prices are not final and are to be used as guidelines only. Depending on the size of the pool and the amount of work required, the cost may vary.



Pool Opening $555.00
Pool Closing $455.00
Weekly Maintenance $99.55
Bi-Weekly Maintenance $125.00
One Time Pool Cleaning (16x32 size pool) $155.00+
Service Call (up to 30 mins) $155.00
Special Services
Mobile Pool School & consultation $155.00+
Pool Inspection with report $295.00
Leak Detection $275.00+
*Note: A Truck charge of $77.55 will apply to all onsite service calls.

*Special services prices may vary – based on the extremity of the problem.

*Pools larger than 16 x 32 or pools with added features, please feel free to inquire on pricing.

*Prices are based on a basic 16 x 32 pool, however additional charges will apply for extra pool features and based on the pool condition at the time of service.